It says all the things that words alone can never say

So hi there ppl! Actually hindi ‘to usual because written siya in english HAHA I mean I rarely write poems/essays/stories in english but ewan I find this goods naman so I’ll be putting it here. Actually assessment/question siya sakin ng isang company na sinagot ko naman but then hindi ko sinipot yung interview and I regret that sobra. Puro regrets nanaman buhay ko, anw here it goes hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Think about a song you like. Now, think about a song you dislike. Then, WITHOUT LYING: In 300 words or less, constructively criticize the song you like. Forget that you love it (for the moment), and take it apart. In 300 words or less, convince me to give the song you dislike a chance. Make me want to listen to it.

One song that recently captured my feelings and interest is, “TAO” Lyrics by Sampaguita. Performed by Armi Millare. It is the OST from the movie, HONOR THY FATHER. I’ve always love words. I love writing poems and when I hear the song, it made me want to write more. Yet this song is so poignant that aside from its dawdling tone that will amplify someone’s depression it will also affect you very hard. Especially when you already watch the movie. The lyrics are nice but it could be enhanced if they lay more metaphorical lines. From the opening lyrics “tulad ng isang ibon, tao ay lumilipad, pangarap tanging nais. Marating at matupad.” it resonate something deep that people may have different interpretations. And the lyrics “Tubig ay natutuyo. Bulaklak ay nalalanta. Araw ay lumilipas sa kadilim din ang punta.” It’s so simple yet it’s true. Yes, it’s life. The reality. The exactness. But it will hit your very clear that all life forms will eventually be dead. It’s like saying that you will sooner or later breathe your last breath and will meet your maker. In the end the truth is people relate to a song because it becomes a way for our hearts to scream what we really feel. Most people listen to a song because they love the way it makes them smile. Love songs in particular, but there are also people who don’t want to listen to a certain song because of too much pain it brings. And this song brings a great extent of suffering but you will see life through it.

Music is so powerful and beautiful that you wouldn’t be too cheerless because the world created good music. But it’s so heart breaking to see that there are songs that are so rubbish and twaddle that I hate hearing them when I’m on the road going to places. There are songs that I had never heard before and don’t have any plan on listening to it but once you travel you’ll hear songs from radio and then this song gets in the chorus, I was so close on crying in a public place If only I can turn off the radio. But unfortunately I can’t. I’ll be honest I don’t like the song “BUKO” by Jireh Lim. I find it “jeje” I find it so corny. However this song became a hit. And when I listen to it again, I see the reason why most people love this song. People spend so much of their time acting as if they don’t care, that nothing hurts them, and they’re not emotional. I spend a lot of time doing that too. I become bitter because of my own reasons, because of myself. I didn’t see the beauty that this song is also the reality of the past and even 50% of the present. From ligawan to landian to “tayo na.” This song is so lovely that every couple will be trigger to stay for a long period of time together. “Kung inaakala mo ang pagibig ko ay magbabago. Itaga mo sa bato, dumaan man ang maraming pasko. Kahit na di mo na abot ang sahig. Kahit na di mo na ako marinig. Ikaw parin, ang buhay ko” Yes. It’s okay to like or dislike something. It’s okay to feel things. It’s okay to cry. But the next time you hear a song. Take a moment and remember that ‘feeling’ and allow it to sink in. Music will speak for you. Music will change you. Music will let you see life 🙂


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